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  1. Hey Jesse – I was lookign on the Mad Crossfit website and came across this…I thought it was super cool!!
    Over the past few years since Matt and I have been coaching CrossFit we heard lots of excuses why people don’t try CrossFit.

    I often hear from people that they “need to get fit” before they try CrossFit. Well, isn’t that the POINT of CrossFit? This drives me crazy every time I hear it. CrossFit promotes itself as ‘universally scalable’ which means everyone, no matter what level of fitness, CAN CrossFit.

    We have an ‘On Ramp’ program so we can see how you move, figure out your scaling, you can gain confidence and learn the language, so you feel comfortable starting with group classes. We don’t expect you to start your workouts as Rx’d (prescribed). We DO expect you to leave your ego at home, come with a great attitude and tackle your workout to the best of your ability on that day.

    So what are you waiting for? What are you doing now? Is it working for you? “If you keep doing what you’ve always done…you’ll keep getting what you always got!”

    If you want to get strong, fast and get in the best shape of your life, then CrossFit is for you. Stop making excuses, walk through the door with an open mind and the right attitude.

    On a side note, we were all stretching, rolling and talking Friday night and someone asked, “How much should I weigh?” Well that opened a can of worms, I replied, “I just want to get strong, eat real food and lift as heavy as I can.” Then Matt said, “according to BMI, I am obese.” That prompted a discussion about muscle, eating real food, and living a healthy life. All Good Stuff……..I like this post from CrossFit 203. Turns out, strong IS the new skinny!

  2. And here is hte post from CrossFit 203…..
    Strong IS the new Skinny

    12.6.10 I have been inspired by a new movement started by this blogpost and fueled by a facebook group called Strong is the new Skinny. What a great concept, for all women; young and old. I haven’t met another female friend who hasn’t struggled at some point in her life with body image issues. We are overwhelmed with images of thin beautiful models, actresses, and other celebrities.

    CrossFit gives us images of strong muscular women. They are doing awesome feats of strength and endurance. What a great example to set for our children. Young girls seeing their moms CrossFitting, lifting heavy, doing pull-ups, and flipping tires. What a great place this world would be if every young girl was led by example and encouraged to lift weights, eat clean, and be strong.

    There is no more powerful feeling than to be able to easily handle the five gallon jug of water at work, lift the 50lb bag of dog food from Costco, or clean and jerk your Christmas tree onto the car roof. I would take being strong over being skinny any day. I am proud of my muscles and the things that I can do with them. I was crazy proud the day my mother in law commented on the fact that my muscles were bulging out of my tank top this summer. I work hard for those traps!

    I never thought I’d be offended when someone called me “skinny”. But I am. Skinny brings the connotation of being “weak”. I make sure to correct people when they call me skinny. Nope, I’m strong. Thank you, CrossFit.

    I beg you; stop trying to look like Hollywood. It will only frustrate you and give you a nice diagnosis of osteoporosis 20 years down the road. Choose to be strong, to CrossFit, and eat clean. Be a good role model for your kids, your sister, and your best friend. I promise that you will feel and look the best you ever have.

    I’ll leave you with pictures of some STRONG Bad A$$ Women working out at 203 who inspire me everyday!





  3. Here is my take on the posts above:
    First I always wanted to be that girl that was so skinny people would say…."hey you need to eat a sandwich"… my thinking is changing…I don't know maybe now that all the sugar and crap is out of my body, I'm thinking I want people to say.."holy crap I better give her my sandwich or she will kick my a$$"….hahahha not really, but you get the point…no more thinking skinny… I want to hear things like…uummm did you really just put that water bottle on the cooler…hahahaha strong is in!! Jen M.

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