0 thoughts on “WOD 02/17/11

  1. Just wanted you guys to know that Farmington is super lucky to have you guys as the CrossFit trainers. Both of you guys do things so different and yet it works out perfect because all of us are different. Oh and I might just be in a good mood because I'm wearing a size 12 pair of pants today and a medium shirt…and I can breath…AWESOME!!!! Jen M.

  2. Hey there guys. I'm still tryng to work things out so that I can return to the gym. Purchasing a new home takes a toll on you but at the same time is fun. Keep doing what you are doing in terms of pushing people and keeping them crossers motivated. Nothing good in life comes easy especially for a student of crossfit. I'm glad you are changing people's lives. I'll continue my WODS, train safely, hard and have fun doing it. Hope to see you soon. Clay.

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