0 thoughts on “WOD 04/05/11

  1. Jesse – Great workout today…Madison loved it and she said her tummy is sore. I don't want to sound too cheezy but when you are a mother of a teenager you're always looking for people that you can either ask advise because they have older kids or you look for people that your kid can look up too. I feel like I am really lucky that Madison likes you and Steph so much because I think you guys are awesome role models for her.
    Thanks for the great work y'all do!!! Jen M.

  2. Hey guys!! I just wanted to tell you that we found a great crossfit spot here at Fort Hood. I do really miss Jesse and Stephanie though! You guys are so awesome! We did deadlifts today and I was SO excited that I was able to totally keep up with no problems. The running is another story but I'm getting better!! Miss you all!
    Stephenie Cole

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