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  1. Oh, I do Crossfit!!!

    The other day at a safety class someone I went to high school with recognized me. During the break we talked a little about how many kids we have, where we work and what we’ve been up to. After the class he came up to me and said, “So I guess you’re not married”. And, I said, “Oh, I’m married”. To that he said why don’t you wear a ring? I said, “Oh, I do Crossfit’. I remember the day well because the WOD the day before was kettle bells and the WOD on that particular day was going to be something with weights. I knew I would be rushing to get to Crossfit after the class so I left me ring at home knowing I wouldn’t want to wear to workout. My wedding ring is my most prized possession; the meaning behind it means more to me than anything. That is why instead of just taking it off at the box I choose to keep it stored way in a very safe place at my house until I know some of the WOD’s don’t involve my hands. I don’t always wear my ring now and when I do it’s sometime hard to put on because of the blisters and callus’s but I am still married, just ask Brad my better half that doesn’t wear his ring anymore either!

    **From Jen M.**
    Just wondering if this is a universal Crossfit thing!!

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