0 thoughts on “WOD 07/28/11

  1. Crossfit Games WOD #1, how cool is this..??

    Then, the first individual workout was announced. To the shock of most everyone in the room, the athletes were informed that on Friday morning, they should arrive at the Home Depot Center at 5:15 a.m., so they can board buses for the Santa Monica beach. At 7 a.m. Pacific time, the men will do the first heat of the workout, which is:

    210-meter ocean swim
    Run 1,500m in soft-sand
    50 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
    100 hand release push-ups
    200 Squats
    Run 1,500m in soft-sand

    We need to get together somehwere to watch the games, any ideas? Thanks, Mike

  2. Man….today's WOD looks awesome…Brad and I are gonna miss it…wish us luck we are going to the "Big City"!! Super bummed we won't be watching the games with you all!! Have fun!! And, wow the WOD #1 for the games is gonna be crazy to watch!!! See Ya – Jen & Brad

  3. Oh Stephanie…….Name for the work out should be "Bitch" cuz it sure was one! lol 33 minutes and 3 tears for me! Would have only been 28 minutes if Jessie wouldn't have taken so long taping me up! ( Just kidding, thanks for the first aide Jessie!)

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