WOD 11/29/11

Skill work:  Supine hollow rocks

WOD: “Death By”
   Coach’s choice (individually) of either:
       -box jumps
       -pull ups
       -air squats

With a continuously running clock, do one rep of the exercise you choose the first minute, two reps of the exercise you choose the second minute, three reps of the exercise you choose the third minute… continuing as long as you are able. When you cannot complete the required number of reps for the exercise you are finished.

Note: Coaches won’t choose the exercise you are good at.  This is where we work on our weakness and slowly become what we are striving for through hard work.

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  1. death by box jumps, 17mins completed plus 15 out of min 18 before my legs were jello. plus a few rounds of air squats, i stopped moving at 21 mins. good showing by all today.


  2. Got to do the WOD at home tonight with the boys….Eli came up with the warm up:
    7 burpees, 15 bear crawls, 6 crab walks, arm cirlces and 10 air squats.. then Brett came up with the Skill: "duck jumps" kind of a squat after a duck walk then jump straight up!
    I did the death by squats..got to 25 min..that's over 300 squats… I think I am gonna feel it tomorrow!!

  3. Hey Everybody .. if you are missing chips or need something crunchy…try some baked Kale. We had it in DC and I wanted to try it at home and it is awesome!! Buy fresh Kale, bring it home and wash it up really good. Coat with olive oil and a little salt. Place on flat sheet pan an bake at 400 keep and eye on it to get crisp…about five minutes. Let cool for a minute and enjoy!!!

  4. Good work Jen. Tried death by push-ups last night, but only got to 32 before I quit, form was getting poor.

    PS – I've had kale chips, and prefer cow chips.


  5. My wife (Katrina) did 10 pull ups, then started over with air squats and got 40!

    "My legs aren't sore, but I got really sweaty!"

    Just had to brag my ole lady up a bit.


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