WOD 12/28/11

Skill work: isometric holds x 1 minute each: low plank, active bottom of squat, active shoulder hang on bar

WOD: “Cindy”
     AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
        5 pull ups
        10 push ups
        15 squats

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  1. OMG Animas Crossfit Crew….I miss you!!!!! Will be back this week for some punishment!!! Starting to get a little sad about leaving you all…. I still say that ACF is the best kept secret in Farmington…and as we Crossfit shop in the Denver area we realize how awesome our first gym is!!!! Love you guys and can't wait to workout this month with all me ACF buddies!!! And, by the way… is there a Crossfit WOD for moving…say like the 26th of January..everybody loading box's in a truck??

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