10:00 am to Noon:  Open Gym.  Open to all members who have already taken our Essentials Class.  There will be a coach on site for all Open Gym times, however, this is not a structured class time.  This is a great time to come in and work independently on your weakness or make up a missed WOD. Please be sure to show up by 11:20 am, in order to have plenty of time to finish a WOD, if planned.
We will also be completing Paleo Challenge Post-Challenge Assessments during open gym today.  If you need to do your post Challenge WOD this is the time to do it.  All participants that want to be in the running to win this thing need to get all paperwork turned in and the assessment and WOD done by TODAY!  
12:00 to 1:30 pm: Essentials class. This class is for any and all new members that have not yet completed this course.  Feel free to drop in as a new member, or to repeat this class as a current member.  You can’t take it too many times! This class is free of charge, with the purchase of a monthly membership or a punch card.

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