WOD 02/10/13

WOD: Max row in 3 minutes (distance)
         Rest 2 minutes
         Max double unders in 3 minutes
         Rest 2 minutes
         400 m run (for time)

MWOD: Bilateral piriformis stretch x 1 minute each
               Bilateral hamstring stretch x 1 minute each
               Bilateral wall quad stretch x 1 minute each

*We are going into our final week of the Paleo Challenge!  This will be the week that all participants will need to get into the gym twice, minimum, between Monday and Friday.  We will be completing post-Challenge assessments on Friday evening, from 6:30 to 7:30 and on Saturday during Open Gym.  Please sign up for a time at the gym.  If you have any questions find Steph at the gym or email her at stephaniepickren@animascrossfit.com.  Remember, in addition to completing an assessment and 2 WODs you will need to turn in a completed WOD journal, food journal, and testimonial (and pics if you don’t want us taking them) in order to be in the running for the grand prizes.  You guys are doing great, especially if this your first Paleo experience; I can’t wait to see all the results this week!

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