WOD 04/24/13

Skill work: Overhead squats  3×10, for quality (insert virtuosity here)

WOD: (and here)
As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of:
5 pull ups
1 overhead squat (135/95 lbs)

Rest 3 minutes

As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of:  (and here again)
10 weighted walking lunges (25/15 lbs, total)
3 weighted burpees (25/15 lbs)

What is virtuosity?  Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit has defined virtuosity as “performing the common uncommonly well.”  This begins with the fundamentals of whatever you are practicing; for CrossFitters this means your 9 Essential movements.  We cannot, and should not, progress in our practice until we have mastered and are continually striving for virtuosity in these basic movements.  This is where the whole “quality before speed” concept comes in as well.  No one cares what your time was, or if you RX’d your WOD, if the quality was completely absent.  We all know good form when we see it, right?  So ask yourself today:  Do I strive for virtuosity in every movement, of every WOD, skill, and even warm up?  If not, it’s time to take a big step back, slow down, and kill your ego.  Virtuosity is where progress is truly born.

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