Father’s Day WOD 06/16/13

Happy Father’s Day to all of our CrossFitter Dads!

Team CrossFit Baseball, then…

Team WOD:
In teams of 2, each team must complete the following:
(We can easily modify for teams of up to 4; we will modify below rep counts)
100 m team shuttle run with medicine ball (one team member runs at a time)
60 air squats
20m partner wheelbarrow hand walk (each partner)
60 burpees
60 partner med. ball tosses
60 sit ups
20m partner carry (each partner)
60 box jumps
30 junkyard dog over-unders
100 double unders
100 m team shuttle run with medicine ball
*One partner works at a time to complete the reps, except on partner movements.  Teams are free to rotate as they desire to finish the reps as quickly as possible.

Bonus Firebreather Cashout: (Optional)
For time:
30 toes to bar
30 weighted jumping lunges (total, 25/10 lbs)
30 pull ups

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