WOD 04/08/14

Pre-WOD Mobility:  Lat Stretch and flexion mob. with band, 2 min each side

WOD: 7 Rounds for time of:
6 Knees to Elbows *Unbroken
8 Wall balls 20/14 lbs *Unbroken
12 Russian KB swings (53/35 lbs) *Unbroken

Post-WOD mobility: Bicep and Tricep smash on barbell in rack, 2 min each side

-Post Paleo/Zone Challenge Assessments are being scheduled for this Friday and Saturday.  If you plan to conclude the challenge please schedule a time on the sign up sheet at the gym.

-Next week we will resume all of our 6:30 pm regular classes, running Monday thru Thursday.  This class will now be a structured WOD time, open to all that have completed Essentials or OnRamp.  The gym will still be open to those who have completed a skills check off as well.  If you have not completed a skills check off, this is no longer an appropriate Open Gym time for you, but you are welcome to schedule a check off with Steph or Jesse.

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