WOD 09/16/14

WOD:  75 reps for time of:
* every minute on the minute 5 med. ball cleans

Post WOD Mobility:
15 Air Squats
Hold bottom of Squat 20 seconds
15 Sit Up to Straddles
Hold Pancake Split 20 seconds
*courtesy of Gymnastics WOD

6:30 Strength Class
Lift: Shoulder press 5×5

For all our Lurong Paleo Challengers:
We will program WOD 1: The Capacity Test as our gym WOD on Thursday, 9/18.  If you cannot make it to class or to Open Gym that day, please plan on getting your WOD completed during an Open Gym time, but do schedule with a Coach to be sure you will have a judge.  Good Luck!

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