WOD 09/30/14

Lurong WOD #4
Progressive AMRAP: This couplet of Thrusters and Double/Single Unders will be in 3 minute blocks of 2 rounds per block. If you complete the 2 rounds within the 3 minute block, you will get another 3 minutes of Thrusters and Double/Single Unders (depending on level).

Block and Repetition Progression
Each block is 3 minutes on a running clock. If the athletes completes the 2 rounds in the block, he/she will move on to the next block of time. The athlete may rest with any remaining time during each block.

Block 1
9 Thrusters
27 Double/Single Unders
Block 2
11 Thrusters
33 Double/Single Unders
Block 3
13 Thrusters
39 Double/Single Unders
Block 4
15 Thrusters
45 Double/Single Unders
Block 5
17 Thrusters
51 Double/Single Unders
Block 6 
19 Thrusters
57 Double Unders/Single Unders
6:30 Strength Class
Lift: Bear complex: Working to a heavy single

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