Saturday 02/14/15

9:30 am – 10-10:30ish: Question and Answer Session regarding the upcoming CrossFit Open.  Unsure if you can participate?  Yes, you can!  Come find out how this whole thing works, we’ll go over all the details.

Open Gym: 10 am – Noon:  Open to all members who have already completed our Essentials or
                                           OnRamp Course.

Free Trial Class: 11 – 11:45 am:  Free class; open to the public to try out CrossFit for the first time.

Optional Saturday Strength WOD:
Warm up: Athlete’s Choice
Lift: Bench press 35% Bar, 25% Chain: 9 x 3 *vary grip from narrow, medium, to wide every set
Accessory work: 3 x 12-15 Floor press, 3 x 20 bar curls, 3 x 15 shoulder press press,
3 x 20 Hollow body rocks, 3 x 20-25 banded face pulls
 Mobility: Pec. smash, 2 min. minimum foam roller bank robber stretch, and doorway stretch

7:00 pm- ?:  Adult-only ACF Paleo Potluck.  All are welcome, and new members are especially encouraged to come and meet some of your team mates!  It’s sure to be a good time, every one gets better than the last.  Just bring a Paleo dish to share and serving utensil to dish it out with if necessary.  And bring your spouse, partner or best friend!  We hope to see you all there!

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