WOD 02/04/15

Snatch width grip deadlift rack pull: Heavy single

WOD: For time:
15 Front Squat (155/115 lbs)
25 Grasshoppers (each side)
10 Front Squat
20 Grasshoppers
5 Front Squat
15 Grasshoppers

Post WOD mobility: Hamstring Smash and stretch

11:00 Strength Class   MAX EFFORT UPPER
Lift: Bench press, heavy single
Accessory work: 3 x 4-6 Shoulder press, 3 x 10-15 standing overhead banded triceps ext,
3 x 10-20 Cannonball curls, 3 x 12-15 weighted pull ups, 3 x 30 V ups
Mobility: Scapular smash and band stretch, box prayer stretch and post. shoulder capsule stretch

February events:
*ACF Adult Paleo Potluck Social Saturday, 2/14/15 at 7:00 pm, Open to all, we hope to see you there!
*CrossFit OPEN Question and Answer Session Saturday, 2/14/15 at 9:30 am.  No idea what the heck the Open is or wondering if you can participate?  This is the time to come in and get a full explanation and become part of the event.  Free and Open to all members.
*The Lurong Resolution Challenge concludes 2/22/15.
*The CrossFit Open begins around the world and at ACF on Thursday, 2/26/15.  Are you in?  We will be posting the Open WOD schedule withing the next couple of weeks, stay tuned.

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