WOD 02/04/16

Skill work: Weighted plank 3 x 1 min on: 1 min rest

WOD: 6 rounds for reps of:
1 min Deadlift (155/115 lbs)
1 min Burpee
1 min Grasshoppers (sets)
1 minute Rest

Post WOD mobility: Smash distal hamstrings with lacrosse ball, 3-4 minutes each,
then hamstring stretch on rig 2-3 minutes each leg

11:00 am Strength class:

Lift: Box squats: 8 x 2, 60% bar, 25% band

6:30 pm Movement and Mobility Class: Lower Back mobility work

Announcement: The ACF Social scheduled for 2/13/16 is postponed to Saturday 2/27/16. We’re sorry for the delay in fun and hope this doesn’t screw up your schedule too much.  All you Paleo-Challengers make sure you save up your success stories and we’ll share them with all the non-believers at the Social.

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