WOD 02/14/16

Happy Valentine’s WOD!!  The couple that WODs together stays together!  And being single is pretty awesome too, just come workout!

Part 1 (for points):
“The Breakup”
With a running clock, both partners simultaneously complete:
1st minute:
1 Push press (135/85 lbs)
1 Burpee
2nd minute:
2 Push presses
2 Burpees
Adding 1 push press and 1 burpee each minute until the FIRST PERSON fails.
Score is points.
(eg. Partner #1 fails at 7 full rounds + 8 PP + 3 Burpees then the score is : [7 rounds (56 points) + 8 push presses + 3 burpees = 67 points])


“The Makeup”
Part A: 6 rounds for time:
5 Squat Cleans (135 lbs/85 lbs)
10 Pull-ups
200 m Run
*The “non-working” partner must hold plank while “working partner completes the cleans and pull-ups.

Partners will alternate rounds, score is total time for 6 rounds.

If you need to get the Paleo Challenge WOD done feel free to come in at 9 am and get it done.  It’ll need to get done by Wednesday if you’d like to remain in the running to win it all!

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