WOD 03/07/16


A very delayed congratulations to Dan and Erica Clark, the winners of our recent Paleo Challenge!  And our 2 runners up, Jen Deal and Clyde Lasster.  

Great job guys, we hope it was truly a life-changing learning experience.

Front Squat: 12 x 2 @ 70% 

WOD: For time:

50-40-30-20-10 of:

Sit ups

Box step overs (24/20″)

Post WOD Mobility: Lacrosse ball smash to hip flexors, 3 minutes each; then,

half kneeling hip flexor stretch with sidebend, 2 minutes each leg

11:00 am Strength Class: Max Effort Lower

Lift: SSB box squat + 30% chain, heavy single


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