WOD 08/09/16

Welcome Thomas!

We want to officially extend a huge Animas CrossFit welcome to our newest staff member, Thomas YellowEyes.

 If you haven’t met him yet, look for him around the gym and on Tuesdays and Thursdays and introduce yourself (and feel free to let him know of any physical ailments, he’s ready to help!)

Thomas Pic

Thomas YellowEyes, NASM Personal Trainer

Sports Injury Coach, Animas Crossfit CES Trainer

Thomas Yellow Eyes is not your average personal trainer. As a competitive athlete his goal has always been to reach the next level. But in his quest to consistently push himself and work harder, he came to realize that passion and drive in and of themselves are not enough. Thomas noticed that many athletes find themselves with an injury because of core deficiencies such as a lack of flexibility or overactive/underactive muscle groups. No matter how hard he trained or how many hours he spent on the track or at the gym, there were pieces of the puzzle that he felt were constantly being missed (or ignored) by other trainers. That’s when he realized that it was time to move past isolated training methods that refuse to look at the body without seeing its complete Kinetic Chain.

When optimum performance is the desired goal, the fundamentals of the entire program must be sound from start to finish.

Thomas’ unique perspective comes from the privilege of working closely with physical therapists. Through years of experience and research Thomas discovered that injury prevention and corrective exercise must be the foundation of any performance-based training program. He understands that there is more to performance than simply getting from point A to point B as fast you can. If your body is working efficiently and your mechanics are working effectively it can allow you to get to point B faster, but it will also allow you to get to point B multiple times without injury.

Thomas carries certifications in Corrective Exercise and Performance Exercise. He has a background with special population and sports specific injuries.

​As a leader and professional in his field, Thomas leads by example. He finds the answers before the questions are asked. He knows how to achieve the goal before it is set. He sees the finish line before the race has begun.

Simply put, Thomas Yellow Eyes finds the missing pieces, and helps you put them into place to achieve your goal.


Skill work: Cartwheels, achieve 10 for quality
WOD: AMRAP in 5 minutes of:
100 m run
5 Chest-to-bar pull ups
1 minute rest
AMRAP in 5 minutes of:
100 m run
5 Med. ball cleans (20/14 lbs)
1 minute rest
AMRAP in 5 minutes of:
10 Double unders
5 Toes to bar

Post WOD Mobility: Smash bottom of foot with lacrosse ball, 5-10 minutes total.

11:00 am Strength Class:
Lift: Bench press 9 x 3: 50% bar, 30% chain or band

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