Upcoming Saturday Clinic

This Saturday’s 9am Clinic is presented by Josh VanBuskirk of MuscleWorks, here in Farmington on English Rd. He will be discussing fascia, which is the tissue that encases all of our muscles, organs, and being. Come learn why it’s important to care for our fascia, especially being as active as we all are. Dr. Josh is extremely knowedgable and promises to be a very entertaining speaker.



Chiropractor & Physical Medicine Specialist
“The goal with Muscle Works is in the clinic’s mission statement: To enable and empower vibrant living. As cliché as that sounds, that’s why I do what I do, why I stay up to date with ground-breaking techniques, and how I base every decision that happens in my clinic. It’s something that I take very seriously.  This life we have here is short and fleeting, and I believe we need a body that’s working at 100% to get the most out of this adventure. You should be able to run a little without your knees killing you. You should be able to play with your kids without your back flaring up. You should be able to swing that golf club without your hip twisting. It’s my job to get you doing whatever it is that you love to do with your body, pain-free. It’s my job to get you back to living. That’s what Muscle Works treatment is designed to do.”


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