WOD 09/08/16

dr seuss

Coach Dusty only has 2 more classes and a clinic to coach before he moves back up to Colorado. Be sure to make it to one of them, Thurdsday at 4:30 pm and Friday 5 am.  He wil also be coaching this Saturday’s Burpee and Double under clinic at 9 am.  We will miss you beyond words Dusty!

WOD:  Overhead Squat, 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post WOD mobility: Scapular smash with lacrosse ball, 3 minutes each side
Dowel chicken wing stretch or dowel IR stretch, 1 minute each
Hip internal rotation stretch, 1-2 minutes each

11:00 am Strength Class:
Lift: Box squats: 12 x 2: 50% bar, 25% accomodating resistance

6:30 pm Mobility Class: Feet and ankles


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