WOD 10/07/16

WELCOME new members to Animas CrossFit:
Chrystina Fincher, Dillon Bibo, Dallin Roberts, Michelle Mabee, Zach Stone, Trevor Coleman. We are happy you chose to join our community of fun, friendship, and encouragement!


WELCOME BACK: Justin Higgins, Emily Carillo, Ramon Hancock, Jared Cole….so happy you are back! We have missed you!

WOD: For time:
30 Muscle-ups, bailing forward
Post WOD Mobility: Smash scapular musculature, 3 minutes each
Box prayer stretch and dowel chicken wing stretch, 1-2 minutes each

11:00 am Strength class:
Lift: Pin press around 1 board off chest + 1 chain, heavy single

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