Saturday 10/29/16 and Upcoming Events

10:00 – 12:00 pm: Open Gym for all members who have completed Essentials Training.

11:00 – 11:45 am: Free Trial Class. Perfect for anyone who wants to try out our classes or CrossFit for the first time.

baby steps   Yes. Sometimes, the baby step is eating your veggies instead of the pasta; sometimes it’s choosing to drive to the gym and walk through the door instead of staying on the couch. It’s ALL progress and we can be proud of that. It’s normal to lack motivation on some days, but if we can step back and observe ourselves objectively, we can often change a negative trajectory for the better and bring forth our best selves. Progress comes one smart, strong decision at a time and no one promised that it would be easy. You have your ACF coaches and community to support you, always remember that.

Upcoming Events:   We are currently building a team of 12 to participate in the Special Olympics Fundraiser Fire Truck Pull on Saturday, 11/19/16 at noon.  If you are interested in participating, team sign up, registration forms, and more info are in the lobby. 

fire truck

The CrossFit Lift Off will run at Animas CrossFit from 11/3 to 11/7/16 and all are welcome to participate.  We will run heats of the lifting events on Friday night (11/4) at 6:30 pm and heats of the Metcon event on Saturday morning at 9 am.  The heat sign ups are in the lobby. If you are interested in participating register here  and be sure to sign up for a heat time at ACF.

CF liftoff


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