WOD 02/14/17

WELCOME new members to Animas CrossFit: Andy Braun, Adam Brooks, Luca Giovannini, Jhett Gomez, Melissa Gonzales, Amy Harrell, Jessica Iudiciani, Lindsey McKenna, Bobby Spearman, and Katie Spearman. We are happy you have chosen Animas CrossFit to help you get closer to reaching your goals!


WELCOME BACK: Chad Timmerman, Timothy Timmerman, Ben Cox, Iva Jehlickova, Zach Riley, Maranda Herrera, and Adriane Huff. We are so excited you are back working out with us again!

WOD: Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post WOD mobility: Quad smash with roller, then 2 minutes couch stretch each side

11:00 am Strength Class: 
Lift: Bench press 9 x 3: 50% bar, 30% chain or band

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